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Sani-Bag Commode Liner:

Identical to the Wag Bag, except does not include outer bag, toilet paper or hand sanitiser. This means a cheaper option more suited to caravanners, care homes and other less mobile situations.

"The GO anywhere toilet kit®/Sani-Bag® Toilet in a Bag is preloaded with Poo Powder waste treatment, and is a biodegradable system made from puncture resistant materials.

Our non-toxic Poo Powder waste treatment treats up to 32 ounces of liquid and solid waste allowing for multiple uses. It turns liquid waste to a solid for hygienic and spill proof transport. The Poo Powder waste treatment controls odors and contains a decay catalyst that breaks down solid waste.

The Sani-Bag® Toilet in a Bag waste kits are biodegradable and approved for landfill disposal. Designed to be used with The Go anywhere toilet®/PETT®, they may be used by themselves, in a standard toilet, or an RV or as a camping toilet. (Simply remove all liquids and chemicals from the toilet prior to use)